Chapter 5: Footnotes: Let’s talk about the Blacks

In this month’s footnote Jeff has some whitesplainin’ to do.


Chapter 5: Cheater

Jeff and Bill are joined by Beth to visit the Blacks.


Chapter 4: Footnotes: What Twiharded Is

In this month’s footnote Jeff delves into what he thinks the show is.


Chapter 4: Waking Up

Jeff, Bill, Mike, Kevin Seibert, and John Smith listen as Bella is revealed to be a psychopath.

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Chapter 3: Footnotes: Feminist Icon

In this month’s footnote Jeff dissects the “Feminist Icon” running gag.


Chapter 3: The End

Jeff, Bill, and Mike tackle the big break up with guest Kelsey Blue.


Chapter 2: Footnotes: Let’s Talk About Sex and Undeath

In this month’s footnote Jeff delves into the sexual metaphors in Twilight.


Chapter 2: Stitches

Jeff, Bill, and Mike are joined by Justin of the Serving Ice podcast.


Chapter 1: Footnotes: Past & Future

Jeff checks in with his first Footnotes episode.


Chapter 1: Party

Jeff, Bill, and Nick Rehak, get into the first chapter of New Moon.