Chapter 11: Footnotes: I’m Bad

In this month’s footnote Jeff talks about self hatred.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Footnotes: I’m Bad

  1. Ian D.

    Jeff? This was an awesome footnote. I’ve always been aware of the series’ toxic portrayal of teenage girls and unhealthy relationships, but I’ve never thought about how toxic its portrayal of teenage boys actually is. Personally, I think you guys over-analyze the “sex/chastity metaphor” side of the story from time to time (mostly because even though it’s definitely a valid interpretation, I don’t know how intentional it was on Meyers’ part), but everything you said this episode is definitely there on the page, whether it was a conscious decision on the author’s part or not. Fuckin’ a.

    (Also…hi! 😀 Been listening to this [and Pop Out and JiM] for a while, commenting for the first time.)

    1. JKunkel Post author

      Thanks Ian! It all sort of came to me while I was talking about it. Glad to hear from a long time listener!


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