Chapter 15: Footnotes: Don’t Be a Bella

In this month’s footnote Jeff worries for the readers.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Footnotes: Don’t Be a Bella

  1. Ian D.

    The thing I’ve always found interesting about Bella’s behavior RE: Edward leaving in this book is the fact that they’ve always seemed like literal withdrawal symptoms to me. Edward makes a comment in the first book about how he’s biologically designed to draw her in, so at some point I started wondering if Bella’s “symptoms,” so to speak–the overwhelming pain she feels at the mere thought of the Cullens, her feelings of emptiness, and most significantly, her hallucinations–were supposed to be interpreted as drug-addiction-esque withdrawal symptoms from not having Edward’s, I dunno, vampire pheromones or something around. Which actually could be a really, REALLY interesting idea to add to the vampire lore…

    …the problem here being two-fold: 1) They’re never framed this way/they never actually explore this idea in the books, and 2) exactly what you talk about on this episode–they never address in a serious, in-depth way how unhealthy this is for her. She never goes to therapy, she never has a serious discussion with her dad or a friend or Jacob or Edward about it, and the whole tone of the narrative is “Yeah, all of this stuff she’s doing/experiencing is really not good, but hey, we have a vampire/werewolf love triangle and a convoluted plot to follow! We don’t have TIME for deconstructing unhealthy mental states/behaviors!”

    1. chris rowe

      As to your last comments “don’t be a bella”…dont be a Jake or an Edward either. As a matter of fact is there anyone in these books with a redeeming quality? No. So bottom line is don’t be any of them PLEASE!!!!!


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